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Posted by ChristCentric on Wed, Jul 07 2010 13:29:00


Allan aka GAMARAY said on Aug 15, 2010
Hey, I got saved & was living the double life, then i got serious in April. I locked myself out of all music except worship ... plus hiphop is not all that nyways at the moment, then I recently got your album reformation ... WOW ... I actually had it but had never got to listen. Your music has given me a feel that I never thought I'd get from music again.

1994 hiphop ... that's my idea of "wow" in hiphop up to 1997.

Anyways Have you ever heard of Elisha Goodman? the prayer coach.
I followed the prayer strategy ... just tried it and it gave me a change in my world since then and now. Since you have sowed greatly in my life, I thought thats the only thing that I can do for you (n pray for you).

His prayer is all scripture based ... its worth checking out. My testimony is ... Prayer in the biblical context works, AND its been working for me. Just go and get prayer points and see. thx. God Bless.... I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ ... God's power to raise a carcas to life ... ALLAN NGARI AKA GAMARAY from NAIROBI, KENYA, EAST AFRICA. U SHOULD perform in Kenya sometime in the future ...
derrick said on Sep 22, 2010
Nate said on Oct 24, 2010
dag yo. IZ be bitin' my shirt. haha
Braden said on Dec 10, 2010
LOL. That's funny, man. All I saw was the Jakes book in the preview, and I thought, "man, what's he doing reading that?!" Then I saw the whole picture. Good one. Yeah, you better protect yourself when you're reading something like that... God bless you, brother.
Carlos Newton said on Mar 07, 2011
Maaaaaad comical...LOL!!!!
Jonathan said on Apr 07, 2011
I am lovin you guys, you are soldiers of Christ all the way froom South Africa Gosd bless!!!!!

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