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The Elder Brother

Uh, oh, trouble/ you tried to cut it out
> But you can't cause it's still on your face like stubble/
> You always had a bad poker face, why you look so irate?
> Man, it's off the hook at my place/
> Really? Now I'm all confused, at the mansion/
> That's silly, I thought I heard music and dancing/

> No confusion, that's what concerns me/ my considered dead brother's back from his journey/
> We determined improbable/ he'd come back, giving birth to the term the return of the prodigal/
> Instead of stoning him at all, or disowning him appalled/ is this pitching? Dad's throwing him a ball/
> You sounding all jealous hating/ your brother went away but came back, isn't that cause for the celebrating?
> Truly friend/ you've been affected, I'm no detective, but you'll have to clue me in/
> Don't speak in his defense, you need to get the sense/ of what transpired, the sequence of events/
> To dad he would stand looking clearly in his face/ said he wanted an advance on his share of the estate/
> Speaking all casually, instant liquidation/
> he was born after me, no hint of his relation/
> That's hot extortion/ yeah, I feel that, did you get some? Yeah, I got a portion, that's not important/
> He didn't know the half of is his arrogance/ the only way to have dad's inheritance is after him perishing/
> And after his announcement, he took all his accounts from him/ and made like a ball and bounced on him/
> He gave his property? Indeed made a mockery/ and behaved improperly with debased debauchery/
> You're kidding me? And had a spending spree on harlotry/ symbollically, the epitome of idolatry/
> His bucks are gone in time, he finds/
> he left luxury longing to dine with swine/
> Behind a severe famine, he hits some futility/ so now he returns as Mr. Humility/
> And in the distance, there of course the vandal/
> Pop's ran so hard he nearly lost his sandals/
> It seems you had a rough day/ do you remember that big heffa? Yeah, he became our buffet/
> And to top it off, check it man/ I found out about the party like you, what you mean? Secondhand/
> Now you're the heir, firstborn/
> How about that? You've been here all along, yet appear to be gone/
> What makes me trip/
> You, he didn't care to share nor inform?evidence of no relationship/
> Brother's back from where he had been/
> You trash him, lacking compassion, in fact you act like you'd smash him/
> See the trouble, you're part of the scandal/
> In not being big brother the godly example/
> No sibling rivalry/
> I'm modeling before him a life you can applaud/
> You're living piously/
> And honestly it's flawed and not honoring the Lord/
> You may find this as honor/
> Kind of, to your mama and father living life minus the drama/
> Big, I won't treat it like that's small no doubt/
> But look at you you got your chest all poked out/
> That hurt, I'm not an expert/
> But I'm not the one who wandered and squandered his net worth like that jerk/
> Self centered your vicious shouts prove/
> How arrogant for you to make this about you/
> You think you're a saint? Peep the picture I paint/
> As you spit in the face of ridiculous grace/
> Can it be X and O's that you seek/
> As pop's candidly ran to greet, thus exposing his feet/
> For his family, you know how it goes with our peeps/
> Dressing with modesty is reverance to God you see/
> Death is the policy, cause to look again/
> Because he loved him, he threw all caution to the wind/
> So don't judge with your hate grudge/
> This ain't love, this is great love, that's not covered on paystubs/
> It's not earned, do you think he's worthy/
> Of course not, that's why it's truly of mercy/
> Devoted son, you adhere swiftly/
> But you I've always had here with me/
> But now there's a cause to resound/
> For your young brother was lost but is found/

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