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Round 2

(Will's blows he laid were so potent/
> as I gaze up at the replays in slow motion/)
> "win oh how you're not," -slowed-
> (It's amazing to watch, this back and forth trading of shots/
> This bash is exciting, with passionate fighting/
> It's instantly a classic clash of the titans!
> And I've got a front row view of this/
> Here's another round of those pugilists/)
> That's odd as deep as he's spoken, either he's joking/
> or basing God on preconceived notions/
> That's a weak argument, so I'm a keep clobbering/
> Your dome, hitting home God's on the throne and He's sovereign/
> God's the phenomenon, (that jab is more fast than Ramadan)/
> Yet you got me rolling like it's bakugan/
> First of all, you came weak at dropping bombs/
> Joon Rhee, furthermore this ain't even the Octagon/
> This is boxing dude's fronting/
> Like there's no John 15 and apart from Christ we can do nothing/
> It's only through Christ that you're born again/
> You better go and get some advice from your cornermen/
> Iz- New birth comes from belief/
> What's worse, you missing that or you still got the fronts of your teeth/
> Make sense of this, saved by grace through FAITH is the emphasis/
> stated to the saints at Ephesus/
> Yet you're so smart/
> Jeremiah said we'll seek him and find him when we search for him with our whole heart/
> He speaks of it kindly/
> In Proverbs, I love those who love me, and diligently seek me you'll find me/
> It's in black and white like an Oreo/
> Perhaps you're right, nah, tell the whole story though/
> Come factual/
> we love him cause he first loved us, it's a foreign substance it's unnatural/
> We're heathenous scum/
> But because the Father gave us to His son is the only reason we come/
> Why is dude opposing, perhaps a truth that you have spoken/
> that many are called but few are chosen/
> I'm livid, why fib it/
> Lord, there's no way we could make it without You like Ty Tribbet!
> Iz-Nice combination to comment on your skill/
> but still let me instill the prominence of will/
> Predestined, He secured all He'd find/
> To accept Him down the corridors of time/
> Could the reason be the Lord didn't cause our will/
> To believe him, of course, is this even plausible/
> So compelling/
> But I ain't buying that argument, so please don't come selling/
> Back off these tactics/
> Turn to Matthew 11:21 and see this jab causing gashes/
> If these miracles were done in Tyre and Sidon, they would've hit the sackcloth and ashes/
> Repentance, He didn't send the message to them/
> To stress his choosing, he left them in ruins/
> It's not the mess your spewing/
> That rests with humans this text has proven/
> Iz-Jesus said we need a physician/
> Which means that we're sick's the presupposition/
> Even though our sin got us jettisoned/
> We take him as medicine, with our faith that will get us in/
> Face this evidence in Matthew 9/
> Pun intended, if you missed it, perhaps you're blind/
> Surprise, see you're unwise, your teachings' just lies/
> (time, this is your first warning keep them up guys/
> Now in the word of God do you trust enough/
> To toughen up and accept it's truth, (what an uppercut)/
> Salvation you owe yourself, though you felt/
> Jehovah helped you grow in health, (that blow was almost below the belt)/
> The power's all the christian's, somehow's a flawed position/
> Because now the Lord bows down to your volition/
> Perhaps if you're unsure/
> I can help by illustrating through Christ' words, Lazarus come forth/
> His living had ceased, wasn't driven to plea/
> Like "Master, I want life, give it to me"/
> Kill your weak try to sell us short, man's a rebellious sort/
> who can't decide from felt remorse/
> Well of course, first we need eyes tell we're lost/
> but a hellish corpse you can't revive with smelling salts/
> Said with much love like Enoch's label/
> To come to Christ, call us Cain cause we not Abel/

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