"Where hip-hop is reformed by the transforming truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ"

Round 1

This is what we've all been waiting for/
> A scheduled bout so let us shout and praise the Lord/
> Ok, save the drama tonight/
> I want a nice clean fight, bringing honor to Christ/
> Protect yourself at all times, one fact I warn ya/
> to keep in mind going back to your corner/
> is don't get dirty like rough thugs/
> you both trust Christ, come together with much love and touch gloves/
> Okay, the wait is through, I won't play with you/
> you talk about the one who created you, like it's something debatable/
> Listen dude, I'll stick and move with scripture/
> to paint a picture that disapproves, and this'll prove who's the victor/
> Iz- You gone stick and move to reprove mine, an easy trick/
> I don't need a tip when you miss I'll serve this fool with a shoeshine/
> you wanna quick synopsis how I box when, the bell sounds/
> I'm clocked in for twelve rounds your option's to bow out/
> I'm known for working dudes with this certain truth/
> be the first to shoot and when we're through I'll ask you who converted who!/
> You say it like it isn't wrong, clearly you're misinformed/
> cuz when it comes to conversion we are all prison born/
> That last jab's a missed swing, that lacks convincing/
> Ephesians 2:5, we're dead in our trespasses and sins/
> Man's blind like taste tests, save your breath/
> This is a mess, you can't persuade death, give it a rest/
> I guess you don't read any brethren? We receive what's sent from heaven/
> any questions, John 3:27, lesson/
> I pound doubts and won't punch down south/
> but here's a roundhouse that drowns out your unsound mouth/
> (Ouch, it looks like he's shook and staggering, wait),
> Iz-but can you take this left hook to your abdomen/
> I aim for your liver since the day of an infant I been made in His image/
> so how you gone tell me I make my decision by the way of assistance if,
> I don't choose... Why they say it in Scripture/
> Listen bruh, if you want the perfect picture/
> Of truth let scripture, interpret scripture/
> The word of God is awesome/
> John 6:44, no one can come to Christ unless the Father draws him/
> Well, this much is true/
> Absolutely no one can come to Christ which yells not up to you/
> Translation, visibly imagine/
> No one wills to come to Christ until he literally drags him/
> You're foundation's unsecure/
> Cause basically you need grace to have faith to see salvation is of the Lord/
> To sum it all up depraved, from the fall stuck as slaves/
> To sin so when the Lord calls we won't come at all/
> Knowing this it's truly absurd/
> To think on any day we can choose Christ as whom we will serve/
> Iz-Usually I'd choose to be serving you with looseleaf/
> But now I'm a serve you a two piece like Joon Rhee/
> To move me, even an apologist is too weak/
> And you'll see it's easier to swallow this with loose teeth/
> Dude peep, is there nothing odd?
> We can't choose, we're sent to hell and that's your idea of a loving God/
> This is your meltdown kid, it's well founded/
> In scripture, no hits'll be after the bell sounded/
> I can't believe he'll thrust man down there/
> Because we can't believe, now does that sound fair/
> Could it not be so clear with this insight/
> (that's a body blow that knocks the air out his windpipes)
> Win? Oh how you're not, wow what a power shot!
> The crowd's going wild, loud, it sounds like a thousand watts/
> You I'll pound in this ring, while I'm crowned as the king/
> And you'll be begging to be saved by the sound of the ding/

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Posted by ChristCentric on Tue, Jan 11 2011 20:14:00


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