"Where hip-hop is reformed by the transforming truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ"

Zae Da Blacksmith

Since the ‘fall in the garden’ God has been actively involved in the redemption of His creation and particularly, His people. Often, He seems to enter the scene out of nowhere at the amazement of those He redeems and those who witness it. Such has been the case in Zae’s aka Zae da Blacksmith’s ife. 

Born Jose O. Cañas in Santa Ana, El Salvador, he and his family left their home country during the ongoing civil war of the 1980’s. In search of a better life, his family settled into the hot and lively city of Miami, FL. Still, despite his parent’s efforts, the influence and lure of the streets became too irresistible for Zae to stay away from. This is where Zae began to pick up the mic. He describes rhyming as “just a peripheral thing we did while we was wilding and hanging out”. In 2002, this path led him to a life of promiscuity, drugs, alcohol & problems with the law. 

Precisely, at this unlikely time, God came seemingly out of nowhere and made His entrance into Zae’s heart! But it would be a gradual process for God’s invasion to become plainly noticeable to those around him. “The Lord had to walk me back out of a lot of mess” Zae recalls. “It wasn’t until the beginning of 2006, when I committed to a local church, that I began to sprawl roots and bear evident fruit in my walk with the Lord”. Since then, Zae has moved to Philadelphia, PA where he lives out his God given passions including serving his local church, Epiphany Fellowship, and living out the Gospel at and through his 9 to 5.

He has a passion to spread the fame of Christ and hammer out the truth of the Gospel through discipleship.  Over the past few years he has taken the message of the Gospel to such projects as the Fruit Cock Tail Mixtape, The Forerunner EP by Stephen the Levite), the Last Missionary by Stephen the Levite, the Ephesians Project by Christcentric, and the Restoration project by Timothy Brindle.

· Fruit Cock Tail Mixtape
· The Forerunner EP by Stephen the Levite)
· The Last Missionary by Stephen the Levite
· Ephesians Project by Christcentric
· Restoration by Timothy Brindle
· Mosaic (his soon to be released debut project)
· Lyrical Catechism (coming soon by Ben the Esquire)
· Breadcrumbs by G.O.D.Sent
· The Prequel Vol 2 by Righteouz Knight
· Flip it Fridays by Concept

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.