"Where hip-hop is reformed by the transforming truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ"

Benjamin The Esquire

Benjamin the Esquire loves rhymes. Ever since he was a kid, growing up in Tampa, Fl with his 3 brothers, he was mesmerized by language and rhyming. At that kid's 10 year old birthday party when he first heard MC Hammer's "You Can't Touch This" he couldn't believe an entire genre of music existed that was as enchanted with rhyming as he was. The Esquire officially became a hip hop head.

From writing poetry in elementary school to pounding on soda machines and lunch room tables to freestyling in chemistry to being a member of the original First Friday Fundamentals crew in Philadelphia at the invitation of Timothy Brindle and shai linne, the Esquire has been writing, performing and honing his craft.

In 2005, with the birth of the first of 5 beautiful children he took a break from the mic, not entirely sure if it was permanent. After 6 years the Lord began tugging on his heart to write and perform once again. With 8 years of marriage, the love of a wife, and children and a desire to see faithfulness to Christ through multiple family generations, the time off gave Benjamin a deep well from which to draw out topics and life lessons. His upcoming album, Lyrical Catechism, is the fruit of this hiatus, love and study. Benjamin has been featured on Christcentric's "Reformation" & "The Ephesians Project" and He will be releasing his debut album "Lyrical Catechism" on April 30 2013.

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